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What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium is a noble metal of the platinum group. Outwardly, it looks like silver with a cold light metallic tint.

Rhodium plating is a process in which a thin layer of rhodium (no more than 0.25 microns) is applied to the surface of the jewelry. This allows to make the jewelry resistant to corrosion, oxidation and the appearance of dark plaque.


How to care for jewelry?

In order to keep the jewelry in its original form, you should avoid contact of jewelry with water, perfumes, cosmetics and household chemicals. Jewelry should also be protected from mechanical stress in order to keep out of scratches

Prolonged wearing of jewelry in conditions of intense ultraviolet radiation and exposure to elevated temperatures can also adversely affect their appearance.

Jewelry should be stored separately from each other in a dry place.

In order for the decoration to retain its glossy shine longer, it should be periodically wiped with a soft cloth (thin fleece, flannel, suede). If the jewelry got dark during wearing, then you can use a special silver cleaner or take the jewelry to the jewelry workshop for ultrasonic cleaning.

Not all silver cleaning methods are suitable for gilded silver; abrasives and brushes should not be used.

If there are signs of abrasion of the coating of the jewelry, you should contact the jewelry workshop to refresh the coating.

If the screw clasp does not work, then it may be worthwhile to clean the threads and try again.

If the pin clasp at the stud earring has loosened or vice versa is too tight, then this can be adjusted by compressing and unclenching butterfly backings (clamp).


Is it possible to return or exchange jewelry?

According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998 N55 "jewelry and other products from precious metals and (or) precious stones, faceted gemstones" (Clause 9 as amended by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 19, 2015 N 994) are non-refundable and non-exchangeable if the goods are of good quality.

If external defects are detected within 14 days or a hidden manufacturing defect within 180 days in accordance with the aforementioned Resolution, you can return the jewelry to us and also exchange for an equal in value or more expensive with surcharge. When returning defective goods, we bear all the costs associated with the collection and delivery of goods.


How will the order be packaged?

All our jewelry is packed in a branding box or an envelope. When you purchase with delivery to the regions of Russia, the products are sealed in a safe envelope with an air cushion for greater safety, and the package is attached to the parcel if they are bought as a gift.


Where are jewelry made?

All jewelry is made on the territory of Russia, in regional production in accordance with all the rules and checked by the State Assay Chamber.


How to choose a ring size?

The size of the ring is the diameter of its inner part in millimeters.

In order to determine your size at home, it is enough to take a centimeter tape and measure the desired finger with it.

You can also use a thread or a thin strip of paper for measurement. The paper or thread should not be wrapped very tight around the widest point of the finger on which the ring will be worn. We measure the length of the segment and divide it by the number "pi" (3.14). For example: the length of the segment is 50.3 mm, divide by 3.14 - we get 16.01. Therefore, the size of a suitable ring is 16.

The ring should pass through the joint. If it is wide, then it is better to buy a ring that is a little larger in size than to suffer each time while removing the jewelry. Errors are possible with any measurement, therefore it is better to measure your finger in different ways, and even better at different times of the day. When choosing a massive ring or a thick signet, the resulting value is always rounded up, and if the decoration is thin, it is rounded down.

If possible, it is best to use a special ring stick. You can find it in all jewelry stores and workshops. At our points of sale in Aviapark and Ampersand shopping centers, sales consultants will be happy to help you determine the size and accurately tell you which one is suitable for each finger.


Finger circumference

Ring Size (Russia)

Ring Size (US)

Ring Size (UK)

47-48 mm 15 4 H
48-49 mm 15.5

4.5 -5

I - J

49-50 mm 16 5.5 K
50-52 mm 16.5 6 L
52-53 mm 17 6.5 M
53-55 mm 17.5 7 - 7.5 N - O
55-56 mm 18 8 P
56-58 мм