The motto of the brand "Design above trends" is the most detailed description of the tasks that the fjord team sets itself.

The very first collection of massive jewelry was released in 2015 as a limited edition and became the hallmark of the brand. The idea has been further developed in Amalgama collection. Till date, the brand has released 5 jewellery lines and has a series of collaborations with clothing brands and bloggers.

Following its motto, the brand stepped back from the seasonality of collections in favor of visual fullness. All the lines are constantly updated with new models, and the development is not based on the demands of the market, but on the design trends that shape it.

Adaptation of the visual agenda is an important feature of the brand, firstly all jewellery is addressed to the customer, the decisions deny the elitism of high design, focusing on understandable and basic images, which are perceived at a subconscious level, like the laws of physics. Fjord jewellery is an accessible contemporary art that solves certain visual tasks. Customization of the audience goes through a technocratic attitude to the personal image, the approach to the industry as a tool characterized by a ratio of the price, quality and design.

One of the semantic accents is a reference to the actual art and its adaptation in the applied design. Plans for the nearest future include production of the jewellery collection made of precious metals and stones, as well as collaborations with contemporary artists.